About DTF

DTF (Direct To Film) Printing is a process in which garment ink is printed onto a PET transfer sheet in order to be processed into a high-quality garment transfer. The process to apply a DTF transfer is similar to most transfers, however DTF printing offers a range of benefits not found in other methods.

Why DTF?

While every type of fabric decoration has it's benefits and uses, DTF offers a versitile transfer that can be one or full color, bold print, or photo realistic- while being able to be applied to practically any fabric. DTF isn't your old fashioned "iron on", DTF transfers require a professional heat press to apply correctly, yeilding a superior transfer to older methods. Silkscreen, Dye Sub, Plasitsol, those are outstanding print technologies- but DTF printing is finding it's place in prints shops, boutiques, and home studios evertwhere.

The Process

Our Direct To Film transfers start with the highest quality inks, transfer film, and adhesive. Your original design is printed by our DTF printer in full color, in mirror image form, with the important layer of all white ink on top- providing the superior feel and compatibiliy that only DTF can provide. Contact Magic DTF for your best quality, custom printed, direct-to-film transfers!